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You're My Hero®

They are our dogs... They are our heroes.

They are our champions, defenders, and our best friends. They search where no man dare to go. Our brave work mates, K9 police officers, war dogs, friend to the soldier, foe to the enemy or just one of our most beloved family members.

Now it is time to celebrate and thank our dogs for their gifts to us. We are on a Hero's Quest... to gather your stories about your dog, your hero. Let the world hear your voice about your dog's kindness, joy, bravery, forgiveness, friendship, loyalty, sacrafice and unconditional love.

By sharing your story with us you can help launch The Shelter Project a nationwide effort to help find shelter and rescue dogs a forever loving home. For every You're My Hero® book that is sold on this website, we will contribute $5.00 to The Shelter Project. The Shelter Project funds will help thousands of canine shelters and rescues across the United States with supplies, food, veterinary care, transportation needs and adoption events to give hope to these dogs in need of safe forever homes.

Become part of something bigger then yourself and worthy of your dog's faith in you. Tell us your dog's story and become part of You're My Hero®! Call your dog to your side, sit together and send us your story. They have been our heroes for many years, it's time we become theirs. Thank you!