Frequently Asked Questions


Who can submit a story?

Story & drawing submissions are open to anyone!

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How long should my story be?

As a general guide, stories should be no less than 300 words in length and no more than 1,500.

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I am not a writer and have never written a story. What do I do?

This website has a story guidelines section that provides guidelines and tips for writing your story. One of the tips we always give is the following:

You already share stories every day. You just don't write them down! Every time you are speaking with someone and sharing an experience, you are sharing a story. When you tell someone how your day was, describe something that happened to you, or when you are taking a stroll down memory lane with a friend or family member, you are sharing a story. Now, you just have to write it down. And rest assured that we would edit any stories selected for publication for clarity and grammar.

The main difference between sharing your story verbally as opposed to writing it down is that physical interactions like gestures, eye contact, facial expressions and immediate responses are missing. What you see and hear when you are physically in front of someone is gone. When you are writing your story, you need to set the scene and share your emotions and senses in written words as opposed to verbally and with the use of facial expressions and gestures. You need to bring the reader into your experience so that he or she can feel with you, can identify with what you are expressing, just like in a conversation.

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How many stories and drawings will be selected for publication in the book?

We will select approximately 150-200 stories for publication in You're My Hero® Celebrating Man's Best Friend. We will also include up to 100 drawings as well. For tips on how to write a good story, see Story Guidelines.

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How do I submit a story or drawing for You're My Hero® Celebrating Man's Best Friend?

Once you have read through Story Guidelines and you are ready to submit your story or drawing, simply click on Submit Story Now or Submit Drawing Now and you will be taken through a simple submission process step by step. Click here to go directly to our story submission tool.

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How and where will the books be sold?

You're My Hero® Celebrating Man's Best Friend will be available online at this website as well as select other websites that we will let you know about. Currently we have no plans to make this book available through retail outlets as doing so significantly reduces the amount of money that we will be able to donate to our Shelter Project. After all, this book is all about our best friends, and doing everything we can to help millions of them who are not in a good way. The best way to do that is for you to buy direct from us so we can give money that otherwise would go to a retailer to the shelters that are doing everything they can to help orphaned dogs find a new family.

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Who will benefit from the sale of the book?

SHELTER DOGS! There are millions of orphaned dogs in America, living in shelters and looking for new families. Proceeds from the sale of this book will directly benefit those dogs. Stay tuned to find out about the new shelter project we are creating in partnership with a major, national organization. You will absolutely love it!

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How much of the money from the sale of each book goes to charity?

$5.00 from the sale of every book on this website will be donated and used to help shelter dogs!

Use of Funds

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How will I know if my story or drawing will appear in this book?

If your story or drawing is selected for publication, YMH will contact you directly via email and telephone. Due to the thousands of submissions we receive, we unfortunately cannot accept submission inquiries via telephone.

If your story or drawing has been selected for publication, a story/drawing submission release form will be emailed to you that you will need to sign and mail back to us.

It is therefore very important that you include all current relevant information when submitting your story.

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Are there any kind of permission or consent forms required when I submit my story or drawing?


  1. There is an electronic release that you must accept when you submit your story or drawing.*
  2. If your submission has been selected for publication, a story/drawing releaser form will be emailed to you that you will need to sign and mail back to us.**

*If you are under 18 years of age, a space has been provided on the submission tool for your parent or legal guardian to consent to your submission.

**If you are under the age of 18, and your submission has been accepted for publication, your parent/legal guardian will need to sign and mail back to us.

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How can I let you know if my contact information has changed since submitting my story?

Please go to our "submit/update my information" page, or click here.

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